I hail from the beautiful city of Melbourne in Australia. This is where I document my thoughts, my projects and ways to contact me.

I harbour a deep interest in information security, cryptography, typography, design, human psychology and mental models. I also tend to question assumptions whilst carrying strong opinions about pizza toppings and what is good coffee. Perhaps one day, I will finally perfect the art of communicating sarcasm through the medium of text.

  • The views I express through my projects are solely mine.
  • The views I express can and will change over time. A view that doesn't adapt in light of additional data is a view of use to no one.
  • The views expressed in my projects do not reflect the positions or thoughts of entities I associate with currently, in the past or in the future. Extrapolate at your own peril.

Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition. Use email and say hi.