After some back and forth of if I should or should not, I finally decided to go ahead and migrate my CV from a Word document sitting on my desktop to a git repository, currently hosted on GitHub.

I had a few reasons for doing this.

  1. Have a centralised location for where my CV is located.

  2. Have a history of any changes I make.

  3. Use the repository as a career timer to track milestones in my career. Also to remind me to not drop the ball with respect to my career.

  4. Start the process to move away from relying on a third party aggregator for my online presence.

I created a simple repository with a small number of files including a .gitignore file to keep the repository clean, the file which contains some frequently asked questions & their answers and finally the cv itself as a simple markdown file.

I currently do not have any plans to convert this into a website or a related page. I have however, in the interest of openness and clarity, have made the repository public.

The repository is located here and the contents of my CV is here.